• While Promising The Love •

Falling in love is not a big deal they say but promising is..

Well. Promising things isn’t a big deal, untill you ain’t sure if you’ll really mean it till the end. Promising love is one of them.. it’s like destiny of life.

Although we count love on promises. Which later made me feel guilty not to understand myself . To know about how deep I can get into things and my limitations.. as I considered love wasn’t one of things to care much about. It was beautiful for me in everyway I saw.. never thought of examin before promising it.

• Memories :

You were so pure..it felt nothing but love. Like dwan to me.. I had nothing to loose, but you, with a wonderful vibe making my day go alive as ever.. never felt alive so much before.. so conscious.. absorbing every moment of the day to seese it into my memory and never ever forgetting it. Observing every sight of your eyes to make sure what you are really thinking about.. but every sight I have ever seen was you looking at me dazzling in wonder of no idea what.. just pleased by all my facial movements.. watching you devotedly into me everytime.. the lingering touch of yours made my heart always skip a beat.. And I knew I was in love.. truely, hopelessly and unconditionally.

• Reason :

It’s such an awfull thing when the time came, you did nothing but leave. Left like I meant nothing to you, like you never promised to love me ever. You left like there was no us before. You left like I wasn’t there in your life ever to think about me for once before leaving. You left like there was no stress to let go me. Because while promising the love to me, these were the things I did count on it. And I can see the promises fading now.

Every relation as some concequences.. but that doesn’t mean you should leave. Afterall it’s all about what you truely felt the most at the end. Was it love or was it hate? Cause I know, love is the only feeling which kills hate. Did you feeel love in any of the corners of your heart?? if no! then tell me what made it fade?? What made you fade my love? What made you fade us? What made you forget your promises?? ( Screaming while sobbing, trying to beg for knowing the answers in doubt.)

• The Rage :

Now that I know none of those promises were true. Will you tell me what was it all about? I’m still not believing it.. I don’t want to. How could you do this to me? To anyone? I know it was true. The love was true or is true? I’m not wrong.. my heart won’t lie. I can feel it.. even now. Just tell me the truth and that’s it. You promised me. You promised me that you won’t leave me alone.. come back. Please! Just for a second but come back.. I just can’t go through this pain.. it’s too much. You promised me.( Sobbing in love, fury and emotions.. felt becoming unconscious.. and hoped to never come back to the consciousness. )

Didn’t you realise while promising the love, how am I going to go through this..? after you leaving me.

~ it’s me. ❤️