• Quarantine Love 7.8 •

7.8 week of quarantine, we are with our families happy, safe and chilling to the fullest, pursuing our leisure in the best way, trying new things, learning, thinking, sharing, caring and loving.

• Moments :

This pandemic has taught so much to us in many ways. Quarantine has been a recurring journey to me. Every single thought and memories in my mind has got place in so many different act of faith, credence, belief, trust, creed and mere self-realizations..

I loved the time i got to spend with my family. Talking about everything I want.. asking what all they know.. how do they knew so much.. about there childhood, everything the cultures and experience they had.. and other different things.. the vibe of elders wanting us to know all about fun they use to have and a slight hint from that realising us missing good things more then we could imagine in this age.. and other anecdotes of joys and happiness.. listening to them feels blessfull.

Trying new things were the one when there was nothing to do and I just took a glance towards mom, she was making thin crisp cakes.. and I helped her out with that.. while rolling them I just felt nice in a lovely way I still don’t know why!.. was it because I was with her helping, chatting and laughing and realising it’s been so long I haven’t observed her so much.. she is ageing.. tho still looks beautiful.. always trying to learn new things.. happy in her own way.. i have missed her.. mean while she taught me how to make the thin crisp cakes..

Lively it feels to watch the tress and plants of our garden.. Those are always moving when the air flows.. green and graceful. Watering them is what makes me feel close to the nature.. it seems like they are getting some tickling sensetions while I bedew water on them. The green long leafs shows the solace. Green colour in them gets brighter as if the is water hydrating the plants inside out.. and smiling while looking at me. And also the smell of petrichor!

Cooking was never a priority, until I tried something and then.. the compliments were pretty satisfing. So I taught to keep trying new recipes. YouTube helped me with the recipes, techniques, dishes.. and Instagrams helped with the looks and garnishing things. Never thought of using social media for this. Getting this much involved kept me freshly breathable.

Evening time is cards time.. everyone sits together.. as it’s been a while seens we are playing so everyone gathers and decides things before playing. The kind of snacks we should it. A different card game discussion. Getting ready to set on one place with all the jokes, laughter and prankers. Looking at all those joyfull, happily laughing faces thinking.. these people really mean so much to me.. and how beautiful the world is.

Dinner is the best part in all this.. everyone wondering and telling eachother how much we missed being together like this.. spending hours in talking.. teasing and laughing.. discussing things and supporting.

This quarantine has taught so much to me. I’m grateful to have my family with me safe & happy.

~ it’s me. ❤️