• S P R I N G L O V E â€¢

Love is carried by the breeze.. breeze which is filled with warmth, passion, care, shades and much more that I want myself to get embrace with..

While sun rays tressing my skin.. where the breeze filled with the warmth.. makeimg my skin moisture. The chills in the pit of my stomach giving me a bit of shiver.. my eyes capturing all the colours mixing with each other on the very part of the earth, the sky and the horizon, sensing passion to every positive thought in my mind.. every shade in the colour of the flowers around me is a reminder of the reality of love and miracle between nature and me..

I feel myself whizzing over the flowers of spring, discerning love from the breeze of my midway garden towards the hall.. hoping to get possessed by that slight tenderness of love which I’m seeking of.

It’s my soul not me. It’s my intensity in the direction of affection not me.

~ it’s me. ❤️

99 thoughts on ҥ S P R I N G L O V Eʉۢ

  1. Breeze! Bhumi your words “Love is carried by the breeze.. breeze which is filled with warmth, passion, care…” are soul stirring. Now I know why we all feel so blissful and heavenly when the breeze blows past us. I compliment you on your beautiful writings. Good luck🍀

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      1. Bhumi ji thanks a lot for your comments. I cherish the write-ups suffusing with positivity and LOVE is all encompassing in positive thoughts.


  2. Spring brings us the sigh of flowers If they bloom in your heart, it is because love invites you to bloom with them. And it is there where you will listen to the music that will make you delicate and light. It is no longer you, it is your soul that is within you.
    I really like reading you. A piece full of the purest spring romance.


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