• S E L F L O V E â€¢

It’s never been this hard to talk about anything but this. May be because it’s normal. Normal to think about other things, to understand and accept them rather then ourselves.

Basically, it’s in human behaviour. Where we can please people but not ourselves. Just because we have never observed us enough to know ourselves. Observing gives the ability to understand who we really are. It helps us to understand our behaviour.. the way we look at the world. And you realise if you are good going or not. And that realisation helps us to find ourselves in many ways.. to think for a minute. Its like meditation. Patience in a way to love yourself throughly.

• Realisation :

I have been trying to know myself from very long time. And basically it is important to know about ourselves to understand what we feel, what we think, what we observe around us.. and in which way you look at yourself in the mirror. It is important to me to forgive myself in everyway I could to able to love myself enough, even if it’s realising that how saddening the times from which I have gone through or how harsh I get when I’m angry.

I want to practice enough to stand straight for the way I’m. To believe myself that I’ll be able to handle at my lowest and to be the responsibile of my own decisions. To not look for or count on anyone else at any situation. To be self-reliant. Independent enough to look at myself and feel proud to know I have handled things in every positive way I could. To say myself it’s ok..

I truely & genuinely believe in SELFLOVE. It’s not just because it’s about ” Me Being Me.” But it’s also about the way I want to be a kind of girl who cherishes herself for the way she is, & I don’t think any of the compliments or comments matters untill you know yourself throughly.

Selflove is not just about being the way you are making yourself comfortable in it. Selflove is a thought where you can find yourself truely being you and understanding you, accepting the fact that the way you think is beautiful, the way you stand is beautiful,  the way you see is beautiful, the way you smile is beautiful.

Finding Your Inner Beauty Is Self-love.

~ it’s me. ❤️

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