• L O V E B L E L O V E â€¢

Love has never been understandable to me. I do not expect it to be comprehensible tho, if I got to know what it feels like.. may be I won’t able to experience the whole charm of it. And I know that’s what it’s all about, the charm.

• Love is blind.” – Shakespeare :

Ever since I got to know about love, it was alot like philosophical, alot like fantasy, alot like deep, alot like me basically. That’s how I always imagine it to be like.. too natural to handle, too beautiful in a way, fasinating then I could ever imagine.

But, whenever I expirenced love in person it felt over the top everytime. The moment I felt that I tried to understand what was going on within me. It was strange. The way I felt was weird in the sense. I got confused at the same time, all this happened in that one moment and I was still trying to get myself into the moment, to get comfortable and feel nice. But none of that happened. This feeling seemed unfamiliar to me.

After sometime I just thought about it and felt like I was afraid. Afraid of getting too much into love. I realised being in love & fantasizing was more comfortable and convenient rather then being afraid of loosing someone in the end. But I also knew, love is all about being afraid of loosing eachother, being afraid of getting apart, being afraid of missing eachother in every moment.. and I knew it takes a alot to do that.. I didn’t know if I could be able to go through it.

Every single cell of my body, mind & soul was yearning for love. Even after knowing all the concequences I was ready to go through anything it would take now. Seems like Shakespeare was right..

• Reality :

You get to know the truest sense of love when you are just giving it, tho ain’t expecting love in return. This one thought is what it takes to understand love in its purest form.

Being Lovable is what I felt when I was in love.. and now, it’s nearly impossible to change what I feel about love.

Love is unconditional in its own form in life.. pure in every form of life.

I do think about it randomly and feels like it’s the purest sense of life. And as I know now, a true sense of life is love.

~ it’s me. ❤️

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